The Kings' Gloves

The Kings' Gloves - Created by THL Lêofsige Õ Caoimh called Lyssa and THL Angus Montgomery the Forrester

During the reign of King Tam and Queen Kathryn

The Order of the Sharparrow, known as Archers of the Iron Rain, are proud that Her Royal Majesty is the Patroness of our order and as such we are forever in her service. The Royal Archer of the Outlands is known as the Kings' Archer and as such stands to protect him at all costs. The Archers of the Outlands as always stand as part of the Kings' Army, ready to meet all foes at his command.

Kings' Gloves

Her Royal Majesty carries a pair of the order’s White Gloves, a symbol of the Order’s commitment to her service. On the 3rd day of October AS L being 2015 in the common reckoning of years, we the Archers of the Iron Rain, presented to His Royal Majesty Tam, first Sharparrow King of the Outlands, a pair of White Gloves to symbolize the Archers commitment to the defense of the Outlands and Their Most Royal Majesties. These gloves are intended to be passed from King to King to forever remind all of the the Bond between our King and the Outlands Archers.

The gloves are of white deer skin, embellished with the badge of the Grant Level Sharparrow. The badges are hand tooled and painted by Forrester. The gloves are hand stitched with white silk and embellished with flemish twist bowstring tassels and appliqué. The tassels may be used to hold the gloves together and to a belt as well as stringing very small bows in His Majesty’s service.

During the presentation at Warders of the Western Gate in Fontaine dans Sable, October 2015, these Sharparrows were present to bestow the gloves upon the first King to carry them, His Majesty Tam, who will pass them to His Heir, His Royal Highness Bela at Coronation to pass to His Heir in due time. More than 30 archers participated in the presentation. So many in fact that there were no photographers left in the audience to record the moment.

As part of the Kings' Regalia, the gloves are worn by every King of the Outlands.

Note to Keepers of the Regalia: If the gloves should become damaged, please contact so arrangements may be made for repair.

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