Kingdom Contacts

Archer General

In charge of all Target Archery and Thrown Weapons activities in the Outlands

Earl Mika Longbow
Phone: 571-236-5185


Maintains content on the website

THL Lêofsige Õ Caoimh (Lyssa) -


Manages the Scores Site, approves and confirms scores

Lord Bryce MacManus -

DAG Responsibilities

DAGs need to be able to provide guidance to local COAs , COTs, and marshals, teach the marshal classes and do authorizations, report back the info after authorizations. Beyond that, report by the 1st of each quarter on the AG list, answer questions, teach what you know to help folks improve and inspire new folks, keep an eye out and write recommendations so people who may not be seen outside their area don't get overlooked, basically provide someone closer to the local groups with AG support throughout the kingdom, no matter where the AG is located.

DAGs must report all authorizations within 1 week to ensure proper tracking.

Far Northern Deputy

Unser Hafen, Plattefordham, Hinterlands, and all groups to the North

Lord Robert Marston -

Northern Deputies

Caer Galen, Caerthe, Dragonsspine, and neighboring groups

THL Konrad von Alpirsbach -
THL Lêofsige Õ Caoimh (Lyssa) -

Central Deputy

Aarquelle - Southern Colorado

THL Robert atte Blackwell -

Southern Deputy

Groups South of Raton near al-Barran and Drygestan

Guy Herbert

Far Southern Deputy

Groups at the Southern Borders - Citadel, Nahrun, Blackwater Keep, etc.


Western Deputy

Groups along the Western Borders - Fontaine, Rio, Draca Mor

THLord Wilhem Reissen -

Crossbow Deputy

Questions and Ideas relating to Crossbows on the Target Field

THL Angus Montgomery the Forrester -