Office of the Archer General

The Kingdom Archer General is a deputy of the Kingdom Earl Marshal and reports to both to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and the Society Archery Marshal and Society Thrown Weapons Marshal. It is the Archer General's responsibility to ensuring the safe practice of Archery and Thrown Weapons throughout the Kingdom.

The Archer General has several assistants to help in sure the safety, teaching archery, thrown weapons, safety, and weapons construction, authorizing individuals and keeping scores and records. These individuals are known Deputies Archer General (DAGs), and without their help, this job would be impossible.

Baronial and Shire Captains of the Archers and Captains of Thrown Weapons report to the Kingdom Archer General. These reports are made on a monthly basis and should include any issues that have come up, the number of archers at practice that month and, most importantly, any problems, injuries or safety concerns. Each year, a Domesday report should be sent that includes a roster of all archers, inventory of all equipment owned by the group, and a summary of the year's activities. Copies of these reports should also be provided to the Seneschal of your group and anyone else as your group deems fit. These reports allow the Archer General to report to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and the Society Marshal for Archery and Thrown Weapons.

  • Score Reporting should be entered on the Score Site

To aid in fostering communication throughout the kingdom and the society, there are many groups on and Facebook.

  • Restricted Access
  • Archer General Officer Group - - Restricted to Archery and Thrown Weapons Officers - Deputies Archer General (DAGs), Captains of Archery (COAs), Captains of Thrown Weapons (COTs), Marshals, and the Archer General (AG) should be members of the Outlands-AG group and should send their reports to the outlands-ag email group each month.
  • Sharparrow Group - - Restricted to members of the Order
  • Golden Pheon Group - - Restricted to members of the Order

Additional responsibilities of the Archer General are to communicate with the COAs, COTs, DAGs, and the kingdom's archery and thrown weapons community, work with His Majesty, War Council and other principal Kingdoms to further Archery and Thrown Weapons at Wars, reviewing any new Archery or Thrown Weapons style or ideas.

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