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A very brief summary of the happenings over the past 6 months excepted from a message by Lyssa on the Outlands-archery list. 9/26/02

Sharparrows, gloves, etc...

I'll put a brief history of the whole thing here. Anyone needing more info, please email. It's late and I've been typing all day. Please forgive me. :)

Back at Queen's Prize in April (2002), Duncan, Steitan, Ben, Damian and Larke began talking about having the Queen become the patroness of the Sharparrow and carry some token to represent that relationship in a similar manner to the white scarf she wears to represent her patronage of the White Scarf. There were others involved in the discussions but I'm just referencing the Sharparrows here for convenience sake.

Since the bracer is not really a very comfortable garment for a Queen to wear in long courts and is really hard on one's delicate garments, the idea eventually came around to white gloves. Their Majesties and the Wimble Herald were consulted with on the matter as well as the Sharparrows that could be located during the course of the next few months. The charter was modified to add the white glove with Sharparrow emblem to the regalia at or around Stag's Con. The bracer with Sharparrow emblem remains as well to ensure a continuity of history. Sharparrows can choose to wear either. The Queen will wear the gloves (or carry depending upon her whims). The idea was discussed briefly in the kingdom officers lunch with Their Majesties specifically referencing the pin at that time and it's positioning in relation to the white scarf. It was decided that the Queen would wear the pin near but never upon the white scarf to ensure no confusion between the two orders. To supplement the idea of the gloves, a silver Sharparrow pin was commissioned from William Hawke and presented to Her Majesty at St. Sebastians in July. The pin was to ensure that when the gloves can't be worn and until the gloves could be completed that Her Majesty would have a token from her Sharparrows. All the Sharparrows present were introduced in court. If I recall correctly - Ian, Duncan, Steitan, Damian, Larke, Eric, Ailinn, Tracker. The names of those not present were also mentioned... Peregrine, Thorfinn, Tam, Ben, Hiro. These gentles were presented as leaders within the archery community; gentles to whom aspiring archers could look for guidance, teaching and such.

More discussions and a few mad sewing sessions later I completed the first 8 sets of white gloves and the set for Her Majesty. The gloves were delivered to Her Majesty at Crown. Larke reports there were tears in Her Majesty Elizabeth's eyes at the presentation and the leadership role the Sharparrows have begun to take in their community. Gloves were also delivered to all Sharparrows present and sent via courier (Sharparrow's wives) to Thorfinn and Peregrine as they were unable to attend. (Thorfinn, Peregrine - if your gloves went astray please let me know. we'll get you another set.) One additional set was given to Her Majesty to hold until the next Sharparrow is created. This solves a major difficulty the Crown often faces when presenting the Sharparrow - lack of medallions coupled with no symbol to make a good showing in court. The remaining gloves are in progress and will be delivered before Coronation.

Further, the leadership role was taken one step further. The official announcement of the Scouts who will wear red gloves personalized to suit the relationship between Sharparrow and Scout. At this time there are 4 identified Scouts and a number of others who are yet to be known to this "unofficial historian": Meadhbh (Tracker), Evaine (Ian), Lyssa (Larke), and Gere (Steitan). Scout gloves are also in progress with the same anticipated deliverable.

(Please forgive me for being very brief here. Details should come from the Sharparrows themselves.) More discussions at Crown and other events and email show the Sharparrows are in general agreement on what they expect from themselves and those aspiring to become Scouts. Well rounded individuals who are interested in pursuing the study and enjoyment of archery but not limiting their continued growth as individuals and who understand that it is not the end of the journey toward one's future but only one step along the way currently hold the Sharparrow. They are interested in seeing this broad vision furthered in their Scouts. Sharparrow/Scout relationships are not entered into lightly and should be determined by the parties involved as suits their needs, desires and goals. Sounds very scary and impressive summarized so quickly. Please speak with the Sharparrows to get a more down to earth translation. :)

Patterns are available for the gloves if Sharparrows and Scouts need them. I'm also working with Sharparrows and Scouts as needed to produce gloves. Contact me for more info. Since a few other questions have been asked I'll also add the notes on gloves:

  • no - they don't have to be just standard 5 finger gloves - they should be made to suit the Sharparrow's persona, personality and tastes. Shooting gloves, 14th century 3 finger workman's gloves, gauntlets, whatever the imagination can devise that resembles a glove.
  • yes - they must bear the Sharparrow emblem. Anyone who jumps on someone for wearing white gloves without the Sharparrow emblem should be brought to task for their rude behaviour. The white gloves are a symbol but _not_ a reserved symbol.
  • no - the scout gloves shouldn't have the Sharparrow emblem. Suggestions are to add the Sharparrow's personal symbol, device, badge or arms. These should also be made to suit the Sharparrow and Scout. Ditto the red gloves not being a reserved symbol comment. Just because an order wishes to wear a symbol doesn't give the world the right to jump unsuspecting folks for wearing a similar garment. Sorry this is a major pet peeve of mine and I just hate to see newbies made to cry over this stuff. It spoils the shoulders of my garments.

A quick aside on the Queen's gloves - they bear the Sharparrow on the right hand as the Grant Level order to whom the Queen is directly the patroness. The Sharparrows are the only gentles to wear the white glove with Sharparrow. The gloves also bear the Golden Pheon. This is to ensure that the first kingdom level archery award is remembered BUT the Golden Pheons will not wear the white gloves with emblem. Golden Pheons are asked to refrain from wearing white gloves for a while so that the symbolism gets more wide spread understanding. I know it's confusing but 30 hours into the bead project this confusion was pointed out and I couldn't bear to abandon all that work. I'll forever be explaining it. :)

See images of the Queen's Gloves

Questions, concerns, etc. - please email the Archer General. I'll be sure he gets back to you promptly.

THL Lêofsige Õ Caoimh called Lyssa
Scorekeeper, Skrifari, AG webmaster, unofficial Sharparrow historian, Scout, and glove maker to the "stars" so to speak. :)

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