Centurio Sagitarii Regius -- The Royal Company of Archers

During the reign of Jaxarticus Rex Outlandium and Kathrynque Regina Outlandium

Their Majesties created the first Archer's Guard to be a part of their court. Known as "Centurio Sagitarii Regius" or the "Royal Company of Archers", this group included archers from across the kingdom. They stand alongside their leader, the Royal Archer of the Outlands. Its members were gifted with tabards created by Her Majesty's own hands. They will be permitted to wear these tabards for all time to show the great favor of Their Majesties and their status as premiers of this Company. The members of the Centurio Sagitarii Regius are: THL Ian Lindsey Macrae, THL Steitan der Bogenscchutz; THL Damian d'Antioche; THL Angus Montgomery the Forrester; Sir Rand the Tracker of Oak Hollow; Sir Ramon the Chronologer (Kronos); THL Duncan Alastair MacRae; THL Daniel Larke del Glen; THL Lêofsige Õ Caoimh (Lyssa); THL Darkes MacBey; Baron Caomh Beathan Crubach; Lord Titus the Archer.

Centurio Sagitarri Regius at Estrella War February 2003

Royal Company of Archers at Estrella (Feb 2003)

Her Majesty Kathryn stands alongside the Royal Archer, THL Ian Lindsey MacRae who heads the company.

Pictured from left to right: THL Angus Montgomery the Forrester; THL Lêofsige Õ Caoimh (Lyssa); THL Duncan Alastair MacRae; Kathrynque Regina; THL Daniel Larke del Glen; THL Darkes MacBey; THL Ian Lindsey Macrae.

With the reign of TRM Irel and Rosalind, there continued to be an archer's guard. There were archers on guards both before and after the Company of Archers, but never again have we had a single, standing guard composed of archers alone. Unfortunately there remain no records of those who served Irel and Rosalind and no photos have been located. Congratulations to these fine gentles and many thanks to Their Majesties of both reigns!

As time passes, we have lost members to the next life. Lord Titus was buried in his tabard. THL Darkes has gone ahead to scout. Duchess Kathryn is probably creating regalia and organizing the after life at this very moment.

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