For information on practices around the Outlands, please contact the local Thrown Weapons contact or Captain of Archery or see the Outlands-Thrown Weapons group.

Aarquelle (Shire) - unknown

al-Barran (Barony) - unknown

Blackwater Keep (Shire) - unknown

Blaiddwyn (College) - See al-Barran

Bloodstone (Canton) - See Caerthe

Bofharrach (Canton) - See Unser Hafen

Bryngolau (Shire) - unknown

Caer Galen (Barony) - unknown

Caerthe (Barony) - unknown

Citadel of the Southern Pass (Barony) - unknown

Draca Mor (Shire) - unknown

Dragonsspine (Barony) - unknown

Drygestan (Shire) - unknown

Fontaine dans Sable (Barony) - unknown

Gleann Medonach (Shire) - unknown

Hawks Hollow (Canton) - unknown

Hinterland (Shire) - unknown

Nahrun Kabirun (Shire) - unknown

Plattefordham (Shire) - unknown

Ram's Keep (College) - See Unser Hafen

Ravenhyrst (Canton) - unknown

Rio de las Animas (Shire) - unknown

Saint Golias (College) - See al-Barran

Scola Metallorum (College) - See Caerthe

Three Spires (College) - currently inactive

Tygre's Keep (College) - currently inactive

Unser Hafen (Barony) - unknown

Venerable Bede (College) - currently inactive

Villaleon (Shire) - unknown

White Mountain (Shire) - unknown

Windkeep (Shire) - unknown