How to Make a Simple Quiver

Quivers are easier than you think. There is a pattern at Tandy for a leather one that works up well. Generally it is in stock locally but they have it on the web site if you prefer. There are hundreds of sources online including Ebay, Etsy, and other sites.

If you want to make one quickly here are some notes for a fabric quiver. If you want to do it in leather leave out the lining and skip to the side seam step. Remember, a quiver is basically anything that will hold your arrows, often in the shape of a tube. It can be suspended from a belt, worn on a strap over your shoulder, tied to your ankles, or any other variation you may wish. They can be very simple or very complex. Embellished or not as you need.

Cut 2 pieces of fabric from sturdy fabric in the shape of a trapezoid. 20 inches tall. The longest straight edge should be 14 inches long. The shortest straight edge should be 9 inches long.

Cut a strap out of sturdy strapping material, durable trim or fabric. You want the strap at least 25 inches long for a hip quiver. Longer if you want to wear it on your back but this pattern isn't easy to use as a back quiver.

Stitch the pretty and lining fabric with right sides together along the longest straight edge. Iron the seam open.

Fold the odd shape in half along the longest measurement so that the pretty fabric's right side meets pretty fabric right side and the lining fabric right side meets lining fabric right side. Think making a bag lined sleeve.

Stitch along the long edge. Now you have an odd shaped hollow tube.

Turn the whole thing so the lining is inside and you are looking at just the pretty fabric.

Now you can either try to stitch a round bottom into the smaller end or just stitch straight across the bottom to close it and hold your arrows inside.

Add the strap attaching it near the bottom and the top. Again refer to the last link.

Voila! Quick quiver.
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