Basic Tassel Making

Tassels can be made from many materials. The simplest form of tassel involves a large number of lengths of thread or yarn approximately 24 inches in length that is folded in half and wrapped with another length of thread or yarn to form the knot. Very elaborate tassels can also be fashioned. This is a basic guide to making a tassel. For more information on tassel making, see your local library or these books:

  • Beaded Tassels, Braids & Fringes; by Valerie Campbell-Harding; Sterling Publications; ISBN: 0806948914
  • Little Book of Tassels; Danielle Chiel; Milne, Sally; ISBN: 1863512608
  • Tassel Making for Beginners; Enid Taylor; Guild of Master Craftsman Publications, Limited; ISBN: 186108062X
  • Tassels; by Susan Dickens, Jane Devine (Illustrator); Allen & Unwin; ISBN: 1865080810
  • Terrific Tassels & Fabulous Fringe; by Cari Clement; Krause Publications; ISBN: 0873418190
  • The Tassels Book: An Inspirational Guide to Tassels and Tassel-Making, with over 40 Practical...; Anna Crutchley Tim Imrie (Photographer); Anness Publishing, Ltd.; ISBN: 1859672221

1. Cut a piece of sturdy cardboard approximately 12 and 1/2 inches to 13 inches long. It can be any width you like.

2. Wind your thread or yarn around the cardboard length until you have the desired thickness.

3. Cut the thread along one edge of the cardboard and lay the threads out flat on the table.

4. Place a length of thread or cording across the center of the bundle perpendicular to the thread bundle.

5. Fold the thread bundle over the cord.

6. Wrap your binding thread around your thread bundle approximately 1-2 inches below the fold to form the head of the tassel.

7. Wrap several times to form the neck of the tassel.

8. Tie the ends of the binding thread together using a square knot. You may leave the ends of the thread hanging or bury the knot in the thickness of the other binding threads.

9. Tie the ends of the cording together using a square knot to form a loop for hanging your tassel.

10. Turn the cord until the knot is hidden within the head of the tassel.

11. Trim the ends evenly.

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